Championship Weekend: Predictions

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January 20, 2013 by stevietz93

Green Bay lost last week. So my constant bias towards them will officially be gone. With that being said, I now hate the San Francisco 49ers and I hope they lose because Kaepernick was awesome and I hate Kaepernick and I hope the Falcons shut him down. I also hope Tom Brady leads the Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl in 12 years because Brady is so good it’s boring, but it’s a good kind of boring because it’s Tom F****** Brady and he’s the best quarterback in the league, if not all-time. I also wouldn’t hate it if the Ravens won because seeing Ray Lewis in a Super Bowl to end his career would be a helluva sight.

I picked the Ravens and Falcons to win this week in my family football pool simply because my sister is up by four points and I need to pick the underdogs to win or she’s gonna walk away with $140. Did I mention she’s a diehard 49ers fan? So basically, if they make it to the Super Bowl, none of us will ever hear the end of it.

But all this talk of hope means nothing. My actual picks have nothing to do with hope or hate. With that, here they are:

San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons 

If the Falcons had held up in the second half of last week, It would make this pick a lot harder. But blowing a 20-point lead and then winning on a last second field goal because Pete Carroll called a timeout doesn’t assure many people that the Falcons have what it takes. There are two reasons why I think the Falcons can win this game, however. Number one, they’re at home and that dome of theirs gets loud. Especially during the playoffs. Should be a major advantage as long as the game doesn’t get away from them early. Number two, their offensive line is a group of maulers that can play the same type of game as the Niners, punishing the front-seven with a powerful running game. Michael Turner showed last week that he still has some juice left in the tank, and he’s going to need a big game this week if the Falcons want to win.

In the end, I don’t think anything I said above will come to fruition. I think the Falcons will TRY to establish a running game, and TRY to intimidate the 49ers defence but I just don’t see it happening. I also can’t see the Falcons stopping both Gore and Kaepernick, and only one of them needs to have a big game for the 49ers to win. With the dominating performance the Niners put on last week, it’s really, really hard to pick against them. I think they dominate this game also.

49ers win 34 – 20

Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots

Does anyone know that Joe Flacco has made the playoffs in all five of his NFL seasons and has won a playoff game every single year? And last year, he should’ve beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, but Lee Evans decided to have a case of the butterfingers and Billy Cundiff missed a field goal that Air Bud could’ve hit. So anyone that tries to discount Joe Flacco as a big-game quarterback needs to rethink that. This guy is a stud in the playoffs, and I think that will continue this week. The question will be, is it going to be enough?

The Patriots weren’t even contested by the Texans last week. Tom Brady was Tom Brady, and he will be terrific again this week. They way I talk about Brady, you’re probably thinking I have a man-crush on the guy. Well, you’d probably be right in that assumption. It gets old talking about him, because he’s so great it’s ridiculous, and you expect nothing less than greatness.

I think this game is going to be a shootout. Both teams have weak secondaries and strong quarterbacks. They also both have great running games and middle-of-the-road run defences. I see three possible outcomes in this game.

1. Tom Brady plays out of his mind, blowing out the Ravens (30% chance)

2. Both quarterbacks play great, but Brady never losses the close ones (60% chance)

3. Brady has one of those games where he throws three picks and the Ravens win (1% chance)

The other 9% falls to other random ways this game ends.

Patriots win 38-34



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